There is no gift I treasure more than one that is handmade with love. At some point through the years each of my family members and friends have received something crocheted from me. After awhile people started asking me to make handmade items for them-not only to keep, but also to give away themselves!

My first crochet lesson was with an older lady in our community when I was 8 years old. I remember learning the basic stitches and spending a lot of time practicing in class, but at the time I was drawn to other hobbies and didn’t spend much time crocheting for several years. When I was about 13 something sparked a curiosity to pick up the needle again and see what I could create. I have had a crochet project or two in the making ever since!

By the request of friends and family members I decided to reopen shop on etsy to share my creations with others. Many are originals I have designed and I’m always experimenting with new ideas for custom orders. I love seeing things my friends have made too, and a few of the pieces in my shop are hand knit by them!

Friends are always asking me what I’m working on, so in this blog I will share pictures of my current projects, stories behind them, and post any free patterns I can for other crochet artists. To subscribe to my posts and receive email updates when I share new projects, click Follow on the right.

To contact me about ordering items, please send me a message through Etsy. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments!

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. Love is sharing both.”


12 thoughts on “About

  1. I will attempt to make this chevron baby afghan for my first grandchild. i crochet basic crochet so this will be a new experience for me. I would love to know if you have a video on crocheting this afghan, I am more of watching and learning.

  2. Hi Bellusthreads,

    I’m looking at crocheting the chevron baby blanket, but am having a problem with my maths.

    Your pattern says to do in multiples of 22+1. Is that for example;
    ( 6 x 22 ) +1 = 133
    or 6 x ( 22 + 1 ) = 138
    Either way though, I cannot get it to equal your 1st row cast on of create a chain of 139?

    Please help as it looks like a fantastic blanket.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. I am having the same problem as Vince. I really want to make the throw 54″x60″ so can you tell me exactly how many ch stitches I need to make the throw. I would really appreciate it.
    Mickie Starks

    • Hi Mickie,

      I worked it out for my wife and it works ok.

      It’s multiples of 23 then add one.

      You’ll need to knit a samlpe V and then work out how many V’s fit into your blanket width (54″?).

      Lets say it’s 6 V = 54″ ; (don’t know for sure)
      therefore ( 6 x 23 ) + 1 = 139 (which is the size my wife crocheted)

      23 stitches makes the V and the added 1 allows for turning at the ends. My wifes blanket looked really good and she was happy with it.

      Hope this helps.

  4. thank you for your help. But I am wondering if 139 ch is for the baby blanket which measures 36″x30″ If I want the throw which is 54″x60″ won’t I need to add more than 139 ch? What was the finished size on your wife’s blanket with the 139 ch.
    Thank you.

  5. Yes, like I said, you’d need to knit a sample V or 23+1 stitches to get a rough idea of the size of a single V and then work out how many fit into your 54 inches.

    My wifes was 6 Vs into 36″ (which is 6″ per V, therefore I would guess at you needing 9 V’s).

    So (9 x 23 ) + 1 = 208. BUT that’s based on my wife’s knitting style, you may knit tighter or looser, but I would guess 9 V’s to be about right.

    Best to do the sample by putting 24 (23+1) on your chain then follow the pattern to crochet a couple of rows to get the pattern and then measure it. (Should be about 6″ I’d bet).

  6. Hello
    Im working on the chevron blanket pattern you have so nicely provided. Could you please explain the end of row 3 a bit better (im fairly new to crocheting).

    sc in turning ch3 of row 2, turn.

    I understood it as chain 3 and single crochet it into the end of the previous row. Is that correct?

    Thank you so much!

  7. Hi! I was looking at your chevron pattern, which I LOVE and have used it several times before! But I’ve always made the baby sizes. Someone wants me to make a “jumbo” for them but I’m not sure how many skeins it will need? Could you help me get a better idea? Thanks!

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