Forest Friends Baby Mobile


This “Forest Friends” crochet baby mobile was designed for a friend’s first grand baby, and mom and dad love woodland creatures! Including a white tailed fox, gray owl, acorn, mushroom, and speckled new born fawn, each piece can fit in the palm of your hand. Since they are all made with super soft yarn it is the perfect accessory to hang over your baby’s crib.

If you would like to make your own “Forest Friends Baby Mobile”, just click on the picture of the mobile piece and it will take you to the free pattern! Some of them I modified by using a different sized hook to give me a smaller finishing size.

I’d love to see your mobiles based off of my design! Just send them to my Facebook page: Bellus Threads. Also, if you have any questions along the way, I am happy to help! ENJOY!






(The last animal, the baby deer, was probably the hardest to make. I made it based off of the Little Fawn by Moss Mountain on Etsy. She will be posting the pattern soon!)

One thought on “Forest Friends Baby Mobile

  1. I am having trouble finding the patterns. The owl pattern takes me to a site that has the picture but no instructions. And the next one down took me to Michael’ I am obviously doing something wrong. These are the cutest things ever and I would love to make them for my grandbaby who is due next month. My first. I’m so excited!

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