Baby Bunny Hat and Diaper Set

Aside from our own babies, baby bunnies have to be some of the cutest little ones!

One of my expectant photographer friends, who is due in a few weeks, has taken to calling her little one “baby bunny”. She is the writer of Fresh Mommy Blog and has been giving a weekly update on her pregnancy in her Maternity Series. I had been keeping up with her posts and noticed the nickname in almost every one!

When I came across the pattern for this bunny hat and diaper set I just knew I had to make one for her “baby bunny”.

For the hat I used the pattern published on Repeat Crafter Me. At the time Tabitha hadn’t found out yet if she was having a boy or girl, so I chose to use gray to accent the ears and tail.


Next for the diaper cover after sorting through patterns, I found one that fastens with a button that I liked the best! You can find the pattern here.




Now that the hat and diaper cover are both finished, I can’t wait to see it on her baby boy when he arrives!

If you would like to order your own Baby Bunny Hat and Diaper Cover set, visit my shop on etsy here.

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